Hello! I'm moonrapbbit!

Feel free to look around. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me @moonrapbbit in twitter,instagram and even in tumblr.

For updates, kindly check twitter also check out https://linktr.ee/moonrapbbit for additional links for help.


Where are you shipping from?  Philippines

Do you ship worldwide?  Yes, I do.

I've made a purchase. How long will it take for it to be shipped?  If your item is onhand, please give me 2-3 days to pack your order, and will ship the other day.

I think I put in my address incorrectly. Is it too late to modify it? Message me within 24 hours as i am usually shipping the other day if i am free, but if the item is a pre-order make sure you message me before the items arrive.

Review and make sure that your address is correct before placing your order. If your package has been returned to me or sent to an incorrect address, a re-shipping fee will apply.


All items are well packed in bubble cushioned mailers, sometime i pack with double bubble bag and pack the envelope with scotched tape around for the items to be protected.

Why is the price different from the others?  Price Differ depending on the materials used by the manufacturer.

Do you give tracking number? Yes, once the item is shipped, expect a tracking number to be emailed to you,

My tracking number does not appear in the site.  Please allow a week for the tracking number to arrive, the courier i use is a government one and the cheapest but rest assure that they handle the delivery smoothly, if ever you need help feel free to contact me in any of my social site.

Do you restock after every batch? Once in a while i do restock once the item has many demands.

Where do you give updates?  Mostly updates will be posted in twitter and instagram, so do remember to follow me @moonrapbbit.



What is the pre-ordering process?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released. The idea for pre-orders came because people found it hard to get popular items in stores because of their popularity. I do pre-order last in a span of a month or two. Pre-order items are lower price than the stock items and with pre-order gifts.The are produce 3-6 weeks depending on the number of volume, also understand.


First stage is the sample making, in that please give 1-2 weeks for the process, then approval i need to check whether the manu achieve the design i made before going thru the mass production, for the sample making and approval please allow 2-3 weeks, rest assure that while im running the pre-order period the pins are already in the manu for the first stage. As for the mass production allow anothe 2-3 weeks depending on the number of orders and the shipping from the manu to me.


Allow a week for me to pack everything up, which i thank everyone for the patience, expect to receive a tracking number once the item is shipped after the week of packing, please bare with me.

Pre-orders are "done"After the pre-orders, you can still buy but with limited quantity only, it will be the stocks.


Can I open a group order for my country?Please contact me if you would like to open a group order, i only get Group Orders via Pre-order items. Don't hesitate to message.


All artwork made and sold here were purely made by moonrapbbit, i do not allow reproduce of any items, only buy via me. 



store owner



I'm Camille from PH. Took up Multimedia Arts and Sciences Majoring in animation. Currently a Graphic Artist in FL based in PH.

I love to draw, i love to explore new things and art styles, currently exploring my own style.

 I love to travel, also i love animals im so soft for them.

10000000% Shawol, mostly make SHINee related arts. I love SHINee with all my heart, I love Lee Jinki, im so soft for these 5 boys. SHINee took me to places, teach me new things, and pushes me to meet new people even tho im a kinda introvert. 

My name moonrapbbit is inspire by jinki and jonghyun, moon pertaining to our angel jonghyunie and rabbit to jinki but became rapbbit due to typo and in the long run became unique in a way.




For commissions, resume, questions and inquiries, please email me at miyudoodlesomething@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting!