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I'm Camille from PH. Took up Multimedia Arts and Sciences Majoring in animation. Currently a Graphic Artist in FL based in PH.

I love to draw, i love to explore new things and art styles, currently exploring my own style.

 I love to travel, also i love animals im so soft for them.

10000000% Shawol, mostly make SHINee related arts. I love SHINee with all my heart, I love Lee Jinki, im so soft for these 5 boys. SHINee took me to places, teach me new things, and pushes me to meet new people even tho im a kinda introvert. 

My name moonrapbbit is inspire by jinki and jonghyun, moon pertaining to our angel jonghyunie and rabbit to jinki but became rapbbit due to typo and in the long run became unique in a way.




For commissions, resume, questions and inquiries, please email me at miyudoodlesomething@gmail.com

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